I love to eat and I love talking about food so that is going to happen often. I loved the days when I was still in the restaurant business and we would get a variety of bloggers and yelpers that expected special treatment because they were going to write a post about us. It was always my philosophy that everyone gets special treatment but when they would say that line, I then built an irrational hatred of that diner. Anyways, because I like to make fun of myself, I am naming this post in honor and to remind me not to ever say that line in person.

What am I going to review? Well as you can tell it is still very early in my trip and I haven’t even landed yet so that leaves two options 1) Chipotle at the airport or 2) Airplane food.

Here goes, first my Itinerary:

I didn’t eat on my first flight, it was standard Virgin America food and beverages. What I am going to talk about it SQ1 from SFO to SIN with a stop in HKG.

I boarded the flight after a quick run through SFO since we were delayed out of IAD. As soon as passengers were seated they greeted us with hot towels followed by a menu.


Dinner service started quickly after takeoff, it was already after 1AM so they took no time getting started. I ordered the Asian dish for both meals, the shrimp great and the sauce they were served in reminded me of my favorite dish from Rice Fun back home. They then followed the meal with an It’s-It ice cream sandwich which was rock hard however quite tasty as long as you didnt break a tooth on it. We wrapped up dinner service and dessert and then most people went to sleep. I stayed restless all night so I mainly worked my way through their drink menu. Singapore sling first which was way too sweet but hey, you gotta try it. Followed that with a glass of Chardonay which my mom would not have liked but I found drinkable. Finally I setteled into the flight with some bourbon and I found sleep.


Woke up about 20 minutes later thinking I must have slept the whole flight – Nope. Well time for internet which I thought was a STEAL at US$22 for the whole flight. Speeds were decent enough for email and chat. Passed the time between computer, work, napping, and watching TV (they had all of Mr. Robot season 2).


Finally breakfast service started and I went for the noodle dish which tasted just like it came from Panda Express, not bad but not amazing but hey, this is an airplane and I am in economy. The coffee blew me away, they were only allowed to serve it as long as the fasten seat-belt sign was off however I couldn’t get enough.


We landed in Hong Kong at 8AM local time and we all had to get off the plane, go through security again and then wait back at the gate. Boarded the flight from HKG to SIN and breakfast started again. This time I opted for the western breakfast with eggs and sausage. It was passable but I wish they hadn’t run out of the other options. Finally made it to Singapore where I hit up a lounge to have a proper meal and stretch.

Here are pictures of my meals because, you know, the camera’s gotta eat first.

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