Hello! I am Zach -

Passionate, Over-Caffeinated, & Goofy some say.

This is the part of my page where I am supposed to talk about myself which is my least favorite thing to do.

Quick synopsis of my life:

  • I am originally from California so I am really good at saying the word “like.”
  • I went to high school in the south where I learned about how amazing sweet tea can be.
  • Fun fact, I won a gold medal at nationals for Trampoline.
  • Somehow I ended up going to college in Washington, DC and thought I would go into activism and politics. It didn’t happen.
  • Right now, I am eating my way through the world as a “Digital Nomad” which is fancy for traveling around and taking advantage of favorable exchange rates.

Long story short: I want to make the world faster, more productive, and add a little color while I’m at it. My dream job is to work eighty hours a week and be so excited that every day I run, and hopefully don’t trip, into the office. I enjoy taking work seriously, but I don’t think that means I have to take myself too seriously. If you’re changing the world, let’s chat.



Experience with applications.

I call myself a ‘Technical Product Guy” since I am technical enough to read code, troubleshoot a query, or design a database structure however I am not a developer. I like to work with engineers to make awesome. I can understand why something is (or is not possible) while I also understand putting users first and business requirements. Here are some of the skills I use daily as a Product Manager.

Data Collection & Analysis

Make a survey, then use it! Able to drill down information from an executive summary to an analysts report.


Happy to give you feature X but it will delay feature Y. But if feature Z will close our biggest sale yet, I got your back.


Figure out your UX while flushing out your ideas. Two birds, one stone. Make them clickable and test on users.

Revise and Empathize

I want to make decisions correctly every time but sometime I miss something. Making it right ASAP while understanding what the customer is asking for.

Advocate and Negotiate

Customers are number one so I make sure everything I do puts them first. Often that requires a bit of negotiation.


I came from the support world, able to pivot from client requests to training and back again to answer a user’s question.

Past Experience

Technical Consultant

B2B & Federal

I love defining requirements and designing systems. Come to me with a business problem and I can scope a solution and work with multiple stake holders to get the project done.



I worked in both client support and technical support. I am as happy to help a customer logging in for the first time as I am writing advanced queries.


You know what to do…

Zach Peirce

E: zach@zachpeirce.com
T: +1.202.495.1019

I’d love to chat! You can do that in the contact section right there (➡️) or there (⬇️) if you are on mobile.