Hello! I am Zach -

Passionate, Over-Caffeinated, & Goofy some say.

This is the part of my page where I am supposed to talk about myself which is my least favorite thing to do.

Quick synopsis of my life:

  • I am originally from California so I am really good at saying the word “like.”
  • I went to high school in the south where I learned about how amazing sweet tea can be.
  • Fun fact, I won a gold medal at nationals for Trampoline.
  • Somehow I ended up going to college in Washington, DC and thought I would go into activism and politics. It didn’t happen.
  • Right now, I am eating my way through the world as a “Digital Nomad” which is fancy for traveling around and taking advantage of favorable exchange rates.

Long story short: I want to make the world faster, more productive, and add a little color while I’m at it. My dream job is to work eighty hours a week and be so excited that every day I run, and hopefully don’t trip, into the office. I enjoy taking work seriously, but I don’t think that means I have to take myself too seriously. If you’re changing the world, let’s chat.



Experience with applications.

I call myself a ‘Technical Product Guy” since I am technical enough to read code, troubleshoot a query, or design a database structure however I am not a developer. I like to work with engineers to make awesome. I understand why something is (or is not possible) while I also understand putting users first and business requirements. Here are some of the skills I use daily as a Product Manager.

Data Collection & Analysis

Make a survey, then use it! Able to drill down information from an executive summary to an analysts report.


Happy to give you feature X but it will delay feature Y. But if feature Z will close our biggest sale yet, I got your back.


Figure out your UX while flushing out your ideas. Two birds, one stone. Make them clickable and test on users.

Revise and Empathize

I want to make decisions correctly every time but sometime I miss something. Making it right ASAP while understanding what the customer is asking for.

Advocate and Negotiate

Customers are number one so I make sure everything I do puts them first. Often that requires a bit of negotiation.


I came from the support world, able to pivot from client requests to training and back again to answer a user’s question.

Past Experience

Technical Consultant

B2B & Federal

I love defining requirements and designing systems. Come to me with a business problem and I can scope a solution and work with multiple stake holders to get the project done.



I worked in both client support and technical support. I am as happy to help a customer logging in for the first time as I am writing advanced queries.


You know what to do…

Zach Peirce

E: zach@zachpeirce.com
T: +1.202.495.1019

If you have read this far, Check out my blog for much more to read with a focus on digital nomad life and food and other pondering things. If you dont want to read any more but would like to chat you can do that in the contact section right there ( ) or there ( ) if you are on mobile.